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dinolovin's Journal

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The voting in here is based on looks and personality. If your non-attractive and boring, leave now. But if you're decent looking and amusing, fill out an application! I must warn you ahead of time, we can be very blunt, but most of the time we are nice. So if you dont get the answers you want, don't be an asshole and argue, by filling out an application you agree with everything stated.

Use an LJ-CUT when you apply, if you dont then the application is being deleted! Tell the applicant the truth, be harsh if needed. We are not candy so don't sugarcoat our appearances. When you promote, give the exact link to the entry or comment you made. As the subject line for your application put "Please don't let me go extinct.". You cannot post a comment in any entry except your application until you've been stamped by the head mod. Applications must be submitted the same exact day you join the community. If your journal looks like it was just created (EX. 1-3 friends or no entries), we arent accepting your membership. State whether your vote is yes, no or undecided in the subject line of your comment. (All undecided that havent been answered are automatic no's.) Any graphics you see anywhere in this community are not to be taken for use of any kind. No promoting is to be done here. If I see it, its being deleted and your getting yourself banned.

you must must must r-e-s-p-e-c-t your three lovely mods, Tori vintagelily & Katie onmywaybackhome & Kate ____kateshmate. we are currently looking for no mods.

The themes are your choice to do, but you get points and such for doing them. The theme for the month of August is....Your Favorite Outfit. Take a picture of your favorite accessory, outfit, handbag, shoes, anything you wear that is your, well favorite. In September we are starting scavenger hunts so keep a look out for that.

You get points for doing certain things in the community like promoting and posting pictures. You also get them for referring people to the community. Here is what each one is worth:

Refferal - 10 points
Each picture - 5 points
Promotion link - 2 points
Promotion Banner - 15 points

The points can be traded in for the following:
100 points - Auto Accept
125 points - Auto Reject
200 points - Challenge*

*A challenge: You choose a member to "challenge" and the members decide which one should stay in the community and which one has to leave. Fun way to clear community of unwanted members.

here are the links to the application and banner. be sure to make your application friends only & provide working pictures. for the banners, just copy the code in the boxes under the pictures.

to the application: here
to the banners: here

here are names and links to all accepted members, argueing with any of them will result in deletion from the community.


1.Tori // shoppingcart [75]
2.Katie // onmywaybackhome [50]
3.Lexi // _hiddenfromview [155]
4.Megan // _carcrash_kiss [40]
5.Brittany // _greenscene [0]
6.Brit // ____britasaurus [0]
7.Reeana // brokensmile_13 [10]
8.Bridgette // xsureshot [0]
9.Sonia // xquisitedoll [5]
10.Mary // fallen_star23 [0]
11.Tracey // uniquewhispers [0]
12.Kate // ____kateshmate [44]
13.Emily // _____sunrise [0]
14.Dana Rae // ___01254 [35]
15.Sara // ferocious_ [0]
16.Michelle // mich__l [0]
17.Corey // uber___cool [55]
18.Shannon // x0__shanno [10]
19.Meg // ______foolishme [10]
20.Franki // childplease__ [0]
21.Jenna // jennalovesyouu [0]
22.Megan // thejokes_onyou2 [2]
23.Rob // roberty_w [0]
24.Drew // _jeez [0]
25.Bryony // xsmalltalk [15]
26.Kasey // misskasey [80]
27.Fiona // jagbabie06 [20]

here are the applicants and/or members who were either rejected or banned. they just didnt cut it.

1.Jamie // leefunnn
2.Kayla // x_im_tragic
3.Meghan // letseatpaste
4.Rachael // em0_screams
5.Erika // candykisses420

credits: ohwowpistol